Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alzheimer's Medications: What makes a differance?

One of the requests made RE Research in our last poll was to talk about medications and their impact on the quality of life for the Alzheimer's Disease survivors. A while ago mom said to me, "you are a sweet heart" and I replied "you are a sweet heart also". She looked back me for a few seconds and then said "I guess we are just a couple of sweet hearts!!" Before Mom was put on her current Alzheimer's med, she was unable to inject this humor into a conversation.

The current Alzheimer's medications help to slow the decline of the disease. I help Directors manage residents behaviors and these medications have a positive impact. We also see a profound decline in the cognitive functioning in those who are taken off the med. Additionally more behaviors occur and they often seem to just enjoy life less. The common myth says "there comes a time when the person with Alzheimer's disease no longer gets benefits from these medications". Both the research and our experience shows discontinuing the med will precipitate a huge and very steep decline.

In our next posting, we discuss other Medications which make a difference. May God bless you and hold you in the pal of Her hand.


  1. Hi Delores! I love how you capture moments of your days with your mom and then relate them to larger, relevant issues. It sounds like you and your both feel lucky to have each other. Thanks so much for joining our blog party!! It's great to have you. :)

  2. What a sweet moment. I had a couple of those when my Dad's Parkinson's was nearing the end. I still remember how blessed each of those times were. Thank you for sharing and for giving me the joy of those great memories. :)

  3. I had heard that Aricept only worked for about three months, and Medicaid in Florida will only pay for three months. So, you are saying that it works longer? That would be good to know. I suppose I should pull up the latest research on that.

    God bless you for your work, I always have a special place in my heart for AD patients, too. My best friend died of it.